Quick Tips on How I Save Money

Yesterday I finally broke. I did not spend a dime since Sunday the 10th. It was only $26.50, so I can’t be too upset. It was something I had to spend money on as well. All school related, so not much I can do there.

Here’s some quick and easy ways to save some money:

  • Online Financial Planning – One of my newest friends (JoyfulAbode) turned me onto Mint.com. It will sync up with all of your online accounts and refresh them every time you log in. The reason I prefer to use this one over Quicken Online is that it shows your pending payments whereas Quicken does not. Not to mention they have a pretty good blog as well that I have subscribed to.
  • Clipping the Coupons – It seems like every other day Giant Eagle send me a ton of crap with coupons, weekly deals, etc. This week they have frozen bags of corn for $1.00. I plan on stocking up on a few of them to save some money for dinner. I also spent some time comparing shampoos the other day and saved a quick buck there. I got a 30 oz. bottle of Suave shampoo for $1.73 opposed to the 21 oz. bottle at $1.21 which costs 8 cents per ounce when the 30 oz. bottle cost 4 cents per ounce. I don’t know why, but I was so excited at this find.
  • Working in a Restaurant – I realize this only applies to a select few, but it’s helpful nonetheless. Last night someone decided to not show up, so they needed someone to close. I hate closing especially since I have homework to do. I decided to use my leverage and barter my time for a free dinner on the manager. I stayed longer, so I made more in tips, and I got dinner for free. It was probably a better dinner that I would have made for myself at home anyway.
  • Reading – Normally I spend a lot of time renting movies and watching TV. It’s brain-less but I do enjoy the shows with more “thinkability” than some of the reality shows out there. Since I don’t want to spend money on movies, I either log into Hulu.com to watch shows or I have been picking up a book or reading some blogs. If you aren’t familiar with Stumble Upon you should download it and give it a shot. I can spend hours just clicking the button and browsing pages that actually have some interest to me. I typically can spend about $5-$10 on movies, and I have been keeping myself just as entertained for free.
  • Being Creative – Yet again my friend came to the rescue with some ideas on becoming creative to save money. I noticed that the majority of my spending goes to eating out. The reason I do this is to socialize with friends. She suggested having people over for board games. I thought this was a great idea since my girlfriend and I have a lot of friends that are also couples. It can seem cheesy at first, but once you get playing (and start having a few drinks and relax) it can become a huge riot. If you decide to do this, don’t play monopoly.

Starting from Sunday, I have spent about $26.50 for school and I made $52 last night serving. For the three days, I am up $25.50 for the next three days!

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One Comment on “Quick Tips on How I Save Money”

  1. Ew, I hate monopoly.

    Great tips, and I love your writing style! Any fears you had about your blogging ability… get rid of ’em (guess reading blogs helps, huh?).

    What sort of restaurant do you work in? That’s so great that you were able to squeeze a free dinner out of them! I worked in a rib place for a summer and it wasn’t nice at alll (unfriendly coworkers, disorganized boss)… and our discount wasn’t that great either, so I never ate there.

    I recently found hulu too… haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet but it’ll be great for when I’m doing something with my hands like drawing or embroidering, and want something to distract me! My sister also told me about surfthechannel.com which links to places LIKE hulu… it’s like a free TV search engine.

    Glad to be your new friend!

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