Save Money On Your Cell Phone

About 2-3 months ago, I was serving it up at work when a co-worker of mine told me that she just saves 15% on her monthly cell phone bill. My natural reaction – how?

I may be living under a rock here, but all of the cell phone companies offer employee discounts. I just got mine yesterday (Verizon). Not only that, but I also received a free battery since my current one wasn’t holding a charge. I recently had all of my phone numbers transferred to a new phone for free (the used to charge for that service).

Here are the links to the employee discount programs for each respective wireless service (You will need a work e-mail address for each one):

Verizon Wireless
AT&T (Note: The place to enter your email address is on the right hand side, second box down)

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4 Comments on “Save Money On Your Cell Phone”

  1. Miranda Says:

    We’re actually all about the pre-paid Tracfone. We don’t use our cell phones much, so it’s no big deal to have pay as you go. And, happily, the new phones we just bought come with double minutes. So our cell phone costs are something like $5 a month. Our VoIP “landline” is $20 a month. Total phone costs each month: $25. Hard to beat that.

  2. thedebtguy Says:

    How does the Tracfone work? What kind of rates does it have?

  3. Awesome! We get a discount because my husband is in the Navy, but maybe I could get us an additional discount… I don’t know if they will do them for independent teachers, but it’s worth a try, right? I’ll have to call them Monday. Thanks for pointing that out.

  4. JW Says:

    Stumbled across your blog via “The Simple Dollar”.

    Although I’m in a different place (I’ve already graduated and have been working full-time for a couple of years), I can very much relate to your situation. I only started my own blog a few months ago and I find the process of writing about my debt very… cathartic (at the very least). Good luck with your goal of being debt-free — it certainly won’t be easy, but anything important usually isn’t.

    Speaking about cell-phones, if you’ve been on contract with a provider and it’s set to expire soon, see if you can contact the Retention Department and negotiate with them. I’ve heard of many people getting some pretty awesome mobile packages once you actually get past the first-level CSR.

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