Bi-Weekly Report (01.01.09-01.16.09)

Let me first begin to say that this month is totally screwy. I don’t know how completely accurate this infomration is since I have only really begun to be disciplined in my finances for the past week. I would like to get into the habit of reviewing my finances both monthly, and bi-weekly. This way, I can determine how I need to adjust my spending for the remaining two weeks of the month in order to maintain my goals. (I would highly recommend this for you too, regardless of your financial situation)

As of right now, I have only accumulated $383.30 in income. This currently looks bleak, but I have 3 DJ’ing events coming up for the rest of January which will provide $450.00 more at minimum. That number also does not include additional serving shifts which I can estimate will bring in an additional $300.00. So my budget income for January looks to be about $1,133.30.

After all my bills are taken, I am left with $434.67. That’s actually a lot more than I would have originally guessed, so I’m pretty happy with that figure.

Currently I have spent the following:

  • Dining Out – $79.67 – this figure includes any food or drink that is consumed out of the house. This number is the downfall of my finances, and since I started this blog on Jan. 12th, I have only spent $15.26 on food. I’m getting better!
  • School – $98.68 – it’s the beginning of the quarter here at school, so these finances include two books, verification fees to prove to my lender that I am enrolled in school full-time. These were obligatory costs that I can not do much about.
  • Entertainment – $22.33 – this includes one trip to Blockbuster and a trip for two to the movies. My girlfriend fronted some major costs in the beginning of the month with my huge overdrawn account. I took her out to help pay her back. Since then, we have planned to have some friends over for board games which will cost nothing!
  • Groceries – $6.47 – you are probably wondering what I am doing to eat. My house is stocked with canned goods and other goodies that I have not touched (or seen) in months. I have been attacking all of the food we currently have before I start buying more items. That figure was for bread, cheese, and milk. We run out of those frequently.

Overall, I am really happy with my current path. Every so often I have been getting frustrated, but I can already see some dramatic differences in my spending. Within the end of the month, I would like to have paid back my overdrawn account, which currently looks doable.

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