vs. Quicken Online

I have recently become a major fan of UPDATE: Allow me to place the disclaimer that I am not affiliated with Mint, nor do I really have any expertise in using either of these programs. I have provided my side of the story and what works best for me, and I would recommend that you try both, as they are both equally powerful, to suit your particular financial situation.

Not only do they have a nice blog with great information on personal finance, but their software is incedibly user friendly (a nice PC word basically meaning that any moron, such as myself, can understand it quickly).

Why do I prefer it over Quicken Online? Three simple reasons:

  1. Categories – provides you with the ability to create your own categories. When using Quicken Online, I found that some of my expenses did not fit the mold of most consumer spending leaving me to categorize a purchase that didn’t quite fit. Not an issue with Mint
  2. Ways to Save – After tracking your spending and accounts for a particular amount of time, Mint will provide suggestions on ways that you can save yourself money. I have not found a way to do this with Quicken Online. If someone notifies me otherwise, I will edit this post. UPDATE: Quick is currently working on this with there software, the link is provided in the comments section.
  3. Blog – It was easy for me to find the personal finance blog with Quicken did not have a blog that I was able to find. The blog at mint is a very easy read that is targeted to normal people with regular spending habits. Occasionally I find myself skipping posts since I do not have a mortgage or investments, but more people have those than don’t. UPDATE: Quicken Online does have a blog, and you can find the link in the comments section from Chelsea.

Other than that, they both easily sync up with your current online banking, show your trends in spending, allow you to setup a budget, notify you with special alerts via e-mail, SMS or both, amongst a variety of other things.

Take control of your financial situation and starting budgeting your finances.

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4 Comments on “ vs. Quicken Online”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Hi Debt Guy,

    Chelsea from Quicken Online here. Thanks for your feedback on Quicken Online. First, there is a way to create your own categories within the product (go to Transactions tab, then click the button that looks like this: We’re committed to finding more ways for Quicken Online users to save – that is something we’ll have more to offer on in the next few months. Last, we do have a Quicken blog, please visit and leave your valuable input as comments ( You can also post your suggestions as a new thread for Quicken Online the Quicken Community (

    Thanks again for your thoughts, hope this helps some.

    – Chelsea, Quicken Online

  2. I love love love

    Have you set up your budget on yet? You can allot certain amounts of money per month to budget categories (transportation, food, utilities/bills, etc) and then when you log in you’ll see how you’re doing for the month. They’ll also email to let you know when you’ve gone overbudget in an area, or when your account is getting low.

    I also like that in you can exclude certain transactions from the data. Not to be sneaky with yourself, but because sometimes it’s better for the overall data trending to not include something that’s hugely out of the ordinary (but be careful with that).

    There is also a iPhone app now, if you’re into that. I don’t have an iPhone but my sisters who also use do. Helps you check your budget and how you’re measuring up so far this month on the fly.

  3. thedebtguy Says:


    Thanks for the input! I updated the post with the information you provided.

  4. Chelsea Says:


    No problem, thanks so much for providing an update on the blog, etc.

    – Chelsea, Quicken Online

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