Working For a Small Compay

First of all, let me say that life has been absolutely hectic lately. I have been so tremendously busy I haven’t had time to think. It’s good and it’s bad, but unfortunately the blog had to take a backseat to more important things. I apologize for that and I hope that you can forgive me!

Lately I noticed how amazing working for a small company can be. Last night I did a DJ event that is 2 hours away. The event started at 9 and went until 1 am. I didn’t get in the door of my house until 4 in the morning, harsh.

While we were out, they bought dinner beforehand, and we picked up some snacks on the way back. How often are you going to find the 9-5 company dishing out free food? Probably not that often.

Earlier this week I noticed that I wasn’t going to be able to pay my bills on time. I called up my boss and asked if he could cut me a check a few days early (we get checks on Fridays and I needed to pay some bills on Tuesday). He fronted me enough money to cover the bills, and I got everything in on time.

I highly recommend that if you are able to work for a small business that you should! It’s a great way to really feel like you are a part of the company, and it’s a lot more social and laid back that most big businesses.

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One Comment on “Working For a Small Compay”

  1. frugalcpa Says:

    I agree. Small companies can be refreshingly flexible, fun, and generous. Not usually as generous with salary, but generous in time, investment, free-time, fun, trust, etc. SMB owners make a more personal investment in their employees.

    I found your blog through and subscribed. I’m interested to see how you do and wish you luck!

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