So Far So Good

Everything has been going extremely well so far on my path to freeing up this debt. I paid all of January’s bills on time, and I already have money budgeted for the first of Febuary. This is a massive improvement for myself.

What’s really getting tough is being creative. I am sort of hitting a brick wall on creative ways to approach things. For example, I have been packing myself a lunch on Mondays and Wednesday. It’s becoming monotonous because all I have been making myself are peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. The tough part is that it has to be something cold because I don’t have access to a microwave. I probably need to spend some time looking up ideas, but haven’t really had the time yet.

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2 Comments on “So Far So Good”

  1. It’s excellent you’re sticking with it and doing so well!

    Cold lunch ideas:

    turkey, cheese, sprouts, and mayo in a wrap w/mustard for dipping

    salad w/lots of veggies, cheese, and meat or hard-boiled egg (pack dressing separately so it doesn’t get soggy)

    hummus with veggies for dipping (Carrots, celery, red peppers) with string cheese

    any sort of pasta salad is usually good cold. I used to make a big batch on Sunday (with veggies in it and either hard-boiled eggs or chicken) and bring it to work with me throughout the week when I was teaching in public school.

    tuna salad sandwich (just mix tuna with mayo and relish, and mustard if you like that)

    sliced apple w/peanut butter and/or vanilla yogurt, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, granola bar (homemade – recipe on my blog)

    Also, if you invest in a good thermos, it should be able to keep things warm with no problem. Then you could bring soup, chili, ravioli, hot pasta, or anything else that can stay warm until lunch.

  2. JW Says:

    I ate PB&J sandwiches for about 2 months everyday for lunch before I finally decided to try my hand at making something else. Wraps are pretty easy to make and you can throw pretty much anything in ’em.

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