Planning Life – Is It Possible?

I have officially given up on planning life! I’m being somewhat sarcastic, but it does have an underlying truth to it. Planning too far in advance has it’s cons and pros as does anything. It gives me some direction, and what I would like to work towards, however life tends to frequently get in the way. As you may have noticed, my blog suffered a lot of neglect. But, the reasons were very positive ones for me in my personal life:

My girlfriend’s brother has moved in, so that is an extra $200.00 a month towards rent. We get along great and are both working to fix our current financial status.

I got a new gig spinning at a bar on Thursdays. I normally allow for $50.00 of income on Thursdays – the bar is paying me $150.00. Although this is a poor amount of money for DJ’ing, it is a lot more than I can expect from serving. I have been very disciplined in putting $50 of the $150 towards my credit card every week. So far I have knocked off $100 towards my credit card.

One of the new things that happened is I broke the piggy bank and counted my coin change. I had approximately $63.00 in coins that I used to open a free checking account that will act as a savings. Once the balance is larger I will open a regular savings account, but most banks require about $300 minimum balance to have one (which I obviously can’t afford). I have decided that I will deposit $10 every week into the account to act as my emergency fund. My emergencies tend to be small things like car repairs and the like, so that should be adequate. It’s also a positive because it is getting me in to the habit of saving. In order to insure that I am regular in my deposits, I have my bank automatically transfer $10 every Tuesday into the account. I can stop the transfers at any time if the situation calls for it.

Overall everything has been running a lot smoother than expected. I have been getting some great feedback from all of my readers and good tips from Twitter friends too!

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One Comment on “Planning Life – Is It Possible?”

  1. Karen Says:

    Sounds like you are doing a good job of life planning. Congratulations on learning to save. That is an important principle no matter how much you are able to do. Glad you are working on paying off the credit card too. Keep up the good work. You are learning important life skills that you can use for the rest of your life.

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