Times are Tough

The times have gotten real tough over here.

Less important on the tough scale is that my car is in the shop. My tierod broke on my front right wheel, and I am going to find out how much that is going to run me later today. On the positive side, my mechanic friend told me to expect that to be around $100, and I have $91 in my “savings”. At least this hiccup won’t get in the way of bills or other important purchases.

Ever more daunting is the fact that my girlfriend’s father just passed away. It has been really tough on her, and has trickled down on me as well. Her family is out of state, so there is not much I can do for her here (I didn’t go with her because I can’t afford to miss school). I am planning on attending the funeral service as long as my car gets fixed. The service will be a military one, since he served. If you have never been to a military service it is very emotional, however very honorable. God Bless America and his service to our Country.

As you can tell, I haven’t had much time to really dig deep into the financial world. Right now I am not making progress or declines, simply riding the wave. I’m hoping March will be a more positive month for us.

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One Comment on “Times are Tough”

  1. frugalCPA Says:

    I’ve never been to a military funeral, but I bet it’s a pretty powerful event. Good luck with the car!

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