Current economy is killing me!

As the title suggests, the rough times are catching up. Thanks to all the negativity in the media, everyone is holding out on spending, and I’m definitely feeling it.

At the restaurant I work at, we are getting less business, and the people that do come in are tipping less than they usually do. Can’t say I blame them, but it does hurt the pocketbook.

My DJ job is being affected as well. I just lost a bar gig I was doing on Thursday nights because of how slow it was, and we are getting significantly less business on the weekends for mobile events. Once again, the people that do book with us, are cutting back their options.

I’m still trying to plug away at the system. I currently decided to start working on the MCSA (Microsoft Certified Server Administrator) which would help me get a better job out of college. Once I land that certification, it is much easier to start branching off into better certifications.

My buddy works at a firm that might possibly have an internship spot that I would be able to apply this knowledge, which would give me on the job training, experience, and the certificate for when I enter the job market. I only have about 5 months though, so I’ve really been spending every spare minute I have to accomplish this.

Other than that, I’m still plugging away at staying afloat. I’m trying to find a more steady means of income to budget appropriately. Working for tips and sparatic (firefox is telling me that sparatic isn’t a word but I think everyone knows what I mean) DJ events is making it very tough to try to keep track of my finances.

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2 Comments on “Current economy is killing me!”

  1. JW Says:

    Fortunately, I haven’t really felt the effects of the current economic downturn — yet. Since I have zero investments and work in a fairly stable office environment, I guess I’ve been pretty lucky. Ironically, I’ve actually benefited from this downturn: with interest rates approaching historic lows, the interest rate on my student debt has dropped dramatically in the past 3-4 months. Even though I’m paying the same amount towards the loan, a lot more of it is going towards the principle than interest.

    As a fairly recent graduate, I would definitely aim for that internship. Although Certificates are nice to have and all, I think with more people returning to university/college/vocational school to upgrade their skills during this lull in the economy, we’re going to see a huge glut of people with all all the same certificates/degrees/etc. (where I live/work, a university graduate is a dime-a-dozen).

    Either way, good luck!

  2. Mike Says:

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