Debt is an all too common word in the American society. The sad part is, we all know what it means, but none of us know how to control it, including me!

The intention of this blog is to give you a personal look into my life, the insurmountable debt that I have accrued, and how I plan to pay it all back.

I am by no means a financial guru. I have no financial background, only an interest in becoming debt free.

The reason I am blogging about my personal situation is two-fold:

  1. My own well being – No offense, but this blog is first and foremost for me. All of the personal finance blogs that I have ran into have suggested that you physically write down your goals, and set mini-goals to attain the big goal. My big goal is pay off all of my debt. The mini goals will be posted whenever I set them. I am going to use this blog to hold myself accountable for my actions and spending habits (and hopefully you will too).
  2. Everyone else in debt – I live in America so I can safely say that I am not the only one that is in debt. I can actually be glad to say that it’s not all so bad considering I do have a house to come home to (I rent). I am hoping that through my discoveries and experiences, I can help someone else get themselves out of debt. Maybe I can put together a small community of people looking to overcome debt and we can all work through it together. The possibilities are endless, but I feel that if I provide all of the information that I can, I’ll surely help someone.

This is my first blog. I have no experience in blogging, only that I read a few from time to time (I’m addicted to Stumble Upon). If you have any suggestions to improve my blogging, or have any financial suggestions, feel free to e-mail me thedebtguy@gmail.com!


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